Who loves ya, baby?
But out at the horizon, out near the burnished edge of the world, who are these visitors standing . . . these robed figures—perhaps, at this distance, hundreds of miles tall—their faces, serene, unattached, like the Buddha’s, bending over the sea, impassive, indeed, as the Angel that stood over Lübeck during the Palm Sunday raid, come that day neither to destroy nor to protect, but to bear witness to a game of seduction.


Who loves ya, baby?
That clip is so jarring; the angel making jokes about beating your wife and everyone in the studio siding with him and laughing as though Thompson's the weird one for disapproving.


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I've always "liked" (if that's the right word) that clip because it is jarring in a few ways. that "beating his old lady" line makes you pivot from the notion of the angels as idealized badass, free living rebels to the reality that they were essentially a bunch of thugs. the audience reaction, as you note. the site of Thompson vacillating between being a gonzo hipster dude and a middle-class white guy scared of getting beaten up. it's all unsettling because it's real reality TV, unlike most of what we have now.


I saw a woman wearing a denim jacket with silver sequinned angel wings on the back - not that uncommon a style, but i pondered the message she was trying to send, what she must have been thinking when she chose it: "I'm like an angel, but a bit scruffy and frayed"