Expansion and contraction - Peter Jones


Wild Horses
Peter Jones is a friend of mine who I met while writing my undergraduate dissertation on Wilhelm Reich, over 20 years ago now. He has been a one man Reichian publishing house for most of that time, publishing two books and about 40 small booklets on various permutations of Reich's work including his own original researches (into Reich's bion experiments and early microscopy, Reichian bodywork and midwifery - he worked as a midwife for 15 years - and various other topics).

Expansion and Contraction is a collection of the pamphlets, over 40 in all, enabled via print on demand technology. "Pamphlets" is perhaps an unjust apellation for these works as they're not throwaway - they are deep and thoughtful explorations of Reichian thinking. The book clocks in at over 800 pages and is, in my view, a brilliant popularisation of Reich's work. It's where I get a lot of my Reichian perspective from - you might even find the origin of the odd Dissensus post on these pages. If you'd like a copy please say here and I'll contact you and sort out ordering - Peter is not great at marketing and so on. If you are interested, please say here and I'll contact you via PM to arrange payment & delivery.

Cost is £21 + pp