that's just j mascis.
this sounds more like "ban the Hwites from hweed"/"ban the christians from qaneh bosm"
i'm inclined to agree but cbd flower is nice.
i'm domesticated, thirdform.


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well whatever germans do when you get psychotic you have to do that otherwise you are still forbidden from smoking weed we might have to start a gofundme with yyaldrin to have a cop supervising you.

in fact I might go and murder the entire grateful dead community. that seems something worth being arrested for. lester bhangs would approve, wouldn't he?



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lol cyprus hill are so passe now let's not have a revival. freestyle fellowship yeh but not that stuff.
That's the great thing with revivals though. Unpredictable. Todays "Oh that hasn't aged well, totally unlistenable today" is tomorrows Hottest Stuff Ever!!!! - and vice versa.


in je ogen waait de wind
what do you do this weekend patty? let's go in the park and listen to hed kandi and drink weizenbier, i have time tomorrow or saturday.


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Sounds good. Am on the GL for watergate on Sat if you want a +1

No idea what it'll be like. Never been there. Think it's a bit on the commercial side. A guy I know from brasil is playing


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Freestyle fellowship better than cypress Hill?

Not sure i can take u seriously anymore third
you never did to begin with, :) always being all coy even though i've given you recommendation over recommendation to re-adjust your musical compass and for you to side with 93. and yeh. cyprus hill so boring in 2019. sick of them.