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A lot of that grime generation have turned into very slick professionals. I really love to see it.


Who loves ya, baby?
The studio became more portable than ever in the 2010s. We're now at a point where it's possible to record an entire album with nothing but an iPad.


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the late-20th century was defined by america's near-hegemonic cultural soft power. the world was americanising.

as the world braces itself once again to become multipolar the 2010's has seen the first tentative steps in multipolar cultural cache.

De colonialist well work on us boy. How can Africans steal their own music and how can caribbean people steal their own music? We are all one people, Africans. I'm from the caribbean and it's amazing to see that our ancesters were able to pass down their culture to us under the most trying circumstances and Africans on the continent were able to hold on to their culture through the numerous attacks by the Europeans to decimate our culture and spread theirs. Let's stop giving them the power to continue to seperate us. If we think deep enough we should all realize that a conscious effort has been made to seperate Africans around the world because they know there is power in unity. If we look at the Jewish people it doesn't matter where they are found in the world they call themselves Jewish and will do any and everything possible to make sure the state of Isreal succeeds. We as Africans around the world need to take this approach. Stop giving other people the power to separate us and work for the progress of Africans world wide. Be happy that our African culture is dominating world over. Let us not forget that there was a time that we were considered nobody's and that nothing worthwhile could come out of mother Africa. Well we are all proving together that this couldn't be further from the truth. Let us embrace each other for we are all one people stemming from the same root, Africa. It's all about reeducation ourselves. It's happening slowly but surely so let's not lose patience with each other.

Caribbean and African cultures ao similar. I'm Nigerian and I have a close friend from Trini and we have so much in common. And I can't wait to go to a Caribbean Carnival.

I always shake my Jamaican bumbum to this song :)

This is afrobeats and has 0 Caribbean influence

Trinidad cant get enough!!!!!!!!! LOVE UUUUU TIMAYA

big up to all african youtubers out there who got this Jamaican gyal inlove with Afo-beats

i am a trinidadian lady and i love music i dont give a shit whos trying to claim it. we do have similar cultures, even foods, and dance movements, it doesnt matter who conquered who we are all here and diverse now. lets celebrate the opportunity for variety!

I swore this was a Trini song man. Shoot , big shout-out to Nigeria from The Caribbean.

love from St. Lucia, Caribbean! African music is the bomb!

Nigerian music been hitting international by storm.its like a bubble burst.Africa the sleeping giant has woken up.

jamaica's soft power identity crisis as africa supercedes its geo-cultural positioning. jamaica has taken over the world (the obligatory davido feature on every rap album in the past 3 years, afroswing, tropical house marimbas), including jamaica itslef:

see also k-pop and all that japanese/anime stuff.


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in pop these days i'm fairly sure they've got loads of latin american pop stars featured on tracks.
I was moaning to thirdforms about my Kurdish barbers always playing Latin American trap-pop and he said it's a massive thing out there.