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Sometimes I feel this is the way it is

Pale Interregnum. Moon disruption. Stage 2- usurp the programmer. The current state of knowledge allows only for acts of sabotage, commonly in the shape of intoxication, of more or less randomised result and necessarily of strictly limited duration.

All our attempts have been merely speculative and experimental. As lone operatives lacking systematic and organised collection and comparison of data and consequently no way of tying cause and effect. We are in the pre-scientific stage, the stage of alchemy. In this way we expose ourselves to great dangers in the hope of great rewards.

To speak plainly what we require is full control of the reality-field. G-O-D is, in this hypothesis, a function we can appropriate, but how? This is the great prize and as such is jealously guarded.

The positions on the board have no permanence however, nothing here is fixed as the game is still in progress. The weapon which is effective today blows up in your hand tomorrow. What is road out today is dead end tomorrow. All freedoms are provisional and temporary. Continue to dispute the borders of the possible.


"the seer says 'no, not much time left for these escape attempts.
in 10 years, who'll care? who'll even remember?...'"


Dissensus is prone to magical thinking when it comes to politics and by and large they refuse to reckon with the fact that leave won a fair vote.
Maybe cos they didn't.
Also, I dunno if it's total paralysis because, due to the activation of Article 50 or whatever it is, there is a deadline so presumably we will be carried over the edge eventually. I think that true deadlock would be occurring if that hadn't been done, we (as a country) could carry on arguing about Brexit for eternity. Not that that might not be preferable to just crashing out.0