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This is very, very different from your favourite songs. So Red Light's 'Sensi' is one of my absolute favourite songs ever, it's potently emotive and speaks to the core of my very soul and all that, it just doesn't fit.

It doesn't help matters that I can't really describe what I'm after (that tracks will do a better job of that).

Some key ideas that'd help:

Melancholy, nods to grandeur, airs on the side of wholesome, a degree of maturity, nurturing, soothing, non-confrontational, airs on the side of pastoral, evokes the etherial, evokes the seraphic, to some degree delicate, intimate...


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it's a sneaky goodun that one. i underestamated it, then put it on and i remember it's the most beautiful song ever written.


Bamber Clatscoigne
Does anyone else know this and agree it's one of the masterpieces of the 21st century? A portrait of the world, being alive among living things and in love.
I never tire of this, 13 years later.
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Wild Horses
Curious - can anyone think of any rap records that would fit this thread. I don't think rap does beauty that well.

Oops just saw the Lil Wayne will listen in a mo.
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Tight but Polite

Maybe? Or are soul vocals cheating?

On a completely unrelated note, a refugee from the Dad Psych thread:

Although I'm not sure how much weight that gains from it's context - I like it, but I wouldn't swear that I wouldn't find it annoyingly self-satisfied if it was a random John Martyn album track or something rather than knowing that it's Rocky Erickson pretty much hanging on to reality by his fingernails.