Mr. Tea

Shub-Niggurath, Please
Last night's dinner was somewhat less basic than Wednesday's. Chicken in a sauce of stock, cream and Old Rosie, with bacon and about eight kinds of mushrooms. Garlic (just a touch), smoked paprika, tarragon, lemon juice.



Anyone eat figs? GF went to visit a friend of ours the other day and lounged by his pool and when she left his grandad pressed on her loads of figs from their tree.
Sadly I wasn't invited but I have been eating loads of the figs she brought back, these are so sweet and soft, you can spread them on bread and you don't even need to remove the skin. Making fig jam must be the easiest job in the world.
I ate some a minute ago with roquefort and dried presunto (ham).


Also, cos I know @craner hates the pics in this thread, I include just for him a pic of Liza by the pool.



We had dinner in a tasca, went for a grilled steak thing. Four pieces of meat, each big enough on its own that you could conceivably be served it as a full meal. The dish required two plates cos there was no room on the meat one for the veg and the inevitable chips and rice that came as sides.