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I really like David Chang's Momofuku cookbook, which is very chef-in-pro-kitchen at points - am I ever going to make frozen and shaved foie gras? I doubt it. The recipe for his take on bowl of noodles is 15 pages long. But weirdly, I've used it - made pork belly rolls (didn't bake the rolls myself though), kimchee a bunch of times and a kimchee stew once. I wish Katie was not veggie 'cos I'd like to cook this again, very soon.
It's really, REALLY worth doing his chicken wing recipe, which takes three days. Because of where I live now - only one decent restaurant, nearest city 9 hours drive - I have spent alot of time cooking, necessity being the mother of invention. I find Chang flawed alot of the time - his pork buns actually aren't THAT great, his ramen base merely OK, his spring onion noodles are horrible - but I did those chicken wings for The Doc's birthday last year, and they were totally, totally worth the time invested. Which is just as well, because having spent 3 days fucking confitting them etc, if they hadn't have been, I would have flown to fucking LA and chop chop chopped his cock off.


heavy heavy monster sound
I cook alot of Chinese food, just cos I can't get it. People you may not know are these guys, Chinese Cooking Demystified, who ace everything they cook. They have video tutorials and also publish their recipes on reddit. They've laid out their youtube channel so you can learn elementary techniques - how to stir fry, etc - and then what to cook if you want to eat Sichuan, Cantonese, Beijing, North Eastern, Dim Sum (don't go there unless you need to) and also they have a vegetarian section.

I highly HIGHLY recommend them.


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Yes! Those ginger noodles are bullshit!

Thanks for the other tips. I like the idea of spending 3 days cooking wings....