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Would John McDonnel have won against may in 2017?

He’s got Corbyn said politics without his abject uselessness. He was on marr a few months back and it made me think he’d have beaten may. Watching that alistair Campbell interview with him as well.

My nan’s my insight into middle England and I think he’s like one of the blokes she’d want to shag at bingo or something.

Personable and not abjectly useless, which you can’t say for Corbyn.

Infinitely stronger rhetorically and more malleable strategically. Doesn’t have that boneheaded inflexibility that Corbyn does. He’d play the game better.


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I think to some degree he's running a lot of the party anyway. There were quite a few rumours flying round a few months about a "coup" (I hate the dildos who go on about this, like any leadership challenge is a loyalty test). They reformed all of Corbyn's office IIRC and got rid of lots of staff - here's a link, sorry paywalled but you get the gist: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/...r-in-all-but-name-after-silent-coup-pcs89mmd7
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he's clearly smarter and more media savvy. Less of an intransigent prick. He put the question of his former IRA support to bed in a microsecond. Must be kicking himself watching Corbyn blow it all.