anyone going to see rascola tonight?


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dizzee rass is playin the electric ballroom tonight in camden as part of the bud rising festival

hes got the newham gens supporting so should be good
anyone off here reaching?


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should be good
cheers for the times, was wondering how the show was gona work..

ill give people the war report 2moro


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it was all good 2nite, saw a strange bunch of skaters, grungers and nathan barleys up in the place. was all good to see dizzees music spreading far and wide.
semtex was up on deck before hand playing the dubz.
im not into 808 music(crunk) so i didnt dig that.

1st up klass a, only one member..

a below average mike man.. i dont know what hes really like but yeah, i wait 2 hear more from these boys.

2nd up newham gens, full team

monkey was sporting the grime version of crunk juice, monk juice. which honestly looked like a bottle of bleach and seemed to have an adverse affect on him
stage show needs work but thats to be expected, monkey isnt really there.. if youve heard him on plastic then you can imagine how he spits. bit unintrested. dee and foots murked it off with their familiar bars.. beats were heavy of course and monkeys solo track is weighty, need to track that down.

final show, dizzee and hype man scope

old tracks from boy in the corner and new ones off showtime. you could tell the crowd were only there 4 diz as thats when they started gettin livley. they moved thru the tracks neatly and good 2 see diz smiling at the crowd reactions.. looked like he had a good time. hype man scope lost his voice mid way thru the set but was still runnin thru the crowd and hyping things up

good show all in all

and if someone can get me a dirtee stank t shirt then holla at ya boy coz i neeed me one of those!