there's a huge amount of energy in conspiratorial mania. the right understand this and game it very well. what's great about the grapejuice blogs is how they surf through this energy, and across layers of belief without becoming fixated. a continual unravelling, connections and extrapolations


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must say that i've had to seriously reconsider my purchase now i've learned that the pictures are b&w. he should try to do a special colour version just for us.


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5.0 out of 5 stars
Secret Sunburn
Reviewed in the United States on October 20, 2020
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We are moon men in an empty sphere building a world from scratch.

Can you imagine someone taking a phone call in 1973 while watching the Exorcist in a movie theater? Impossible..

If the theater was once the American Sweat Lodge, what to make of the Internet?

The Internet was Dante’s Inferno for a time not too long ago, a blazing cluster of “others”. That’s where I think the Death Sweat comes from. That Heat. That’s what this book captures.

There are many voices from that time, but few capture it better than Znore.

Read This Book.


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Picked it back up again tonight as I got bored with the hefty Dick/FW/numerology stuff. This second group on Jung is ok but again the number stuff I can kind of go, so what?
Just finished a Dion Fortune book so I’ve kind of been knocking around occult ideas and I can see how appealing they are but there’s there’s always something, an idea, a concept, that often requires more heavy lifting than it can plausibly carry.


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The main thrust of the thing is about imagination and the way it's shared and works of imagination are inextricably intertwined


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Like moby dick or Ulysses it's a book which allows for skipping the bits which don't resonate


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I wonder if we'll rediscover something if an oral tradition reverts. Does he get into that at all?

Everyone says the Odyssey was way better and more vivid when spat as bars. Scratching onto papyrus kills the magic, collapses the imagination function. Legibility is only one remove from the ledger.
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It picks up a lot in the second half. I like the way that it reclaims both Romanticism’s claim for imagination whilst exploring ideas about anarchism. Also the focus on high modernist texts - Ulysses, The Cantos, The Wake, Heart of Darkness, The Wasteland - and their links to a radical position is very convincing. I could live without the necessity to get excited about coincidences but they recognise that it’s important to them but may mean nothing to us.


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"could live without the necessity to get excited about coincidences but they recognise that it’s important to them but may mean nothing to us."

Who is they and them and us?


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Oh dear! I had hoped you were going to say it was the Ur text or some such. What a shame. The book is mainly exciting/interesting. Occasionally perplexing but with enough good stuff in there to keep one going.


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Just read this one

And there's a nice poem from Sir Luke at the end in a comment:

Every Mask hides another, snarling in turn when uncovered-
What if, beneath all these masks, lay, not a face, but a hole?
And the Universe came rushing in.

What if everything revealed so far was just a series of increasingly desperate diversions?
Each one a masquerade, Enacted to safeguard a secret
too terrible or too wonderful to bear.
(in this reading)
As the Secret is approached it throws out visions, as the sun, heat and radiance,
each more opulent and grandiose
Than the last.
Here, I am god, at the centre of all things, all things abiding in me.

And all that comes to pass is simply and solely what I have written-

What say Our
Secret is squid and
Every god and devil, each chamber of heaven or circle of hell, but
a cloud of ink, opaquing the waters
And every Answer ever given just
A blackening of the blue.

Every Enlightenment, every vision vouchsafed by heaven, and every single word
Angel ever spoke to man-
a ruse, or feint
And every saint
A species of Dupe.
And yet,
is this not triumph?
To have come close enough to the sun,
that it burned?