Colin Ward - Everyday Anarchist


Wild Horses
I found myself reading Colin Ward's Talking Schools this week, after not reading him for some years. He was an anarchist who was fundamentally concerned with the built environment. He was responsible for editing Freedom magazine, the anarchist fortnightly published out of Freedom Books in Whitechapel, for many years. I have found it such a clear, refreshing blast of common sense and fresh air. I'm a teacher by trade and his way of thinking - downsize, decomplexify, give pupils autonomy is absolute common sense and therefore the opposite of the direction the education system is going in. It made me re-read this short intro (and couple of book reviews) I wrote a few years ago. I thought maybe someone here might want to read it:

I'm probably easy to typecast as the board's resident centrist 'cos of my undisguised dislike for LOTO - but this piece of writing seemed a lot closer to what I actually think. This way of thinking is inherently critical of socialism as it looks for small scale everyday solutions as opposed to Big State spending etc. So many terrible typos, have to see if I can remember my Wordpress password so I can sort 'em out.