the perfume garden of the ayatollah


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sensual intergallactic fragences. funky android sexuality you can taste. the deep space beanbag orgasm erupting from the gianormous knob on a flying beanbag. cascading windchimes. cosmic wonder, and horror. joyously uplifting tearful tones. being trapped in the water passage system of a swimming pool. buried in the water. bubbling away. murky. clarity, and dissociation. The owl of Minerva dissolving in the biggest clouds of cannabis smoke known to man. we will become Gods amongst mortals.

ladies and gentleman on this day I have ordained:

xmas reminds me that all my uber islamist conservative cousins have boyfriends and girlfriends and im just sat here collecting tapes with anthems I've heard over and over and over again. even the fucking cunts who were like you need an arranged marriage Third when i was a teen. yeah ok Ibrahim look at you now you idiot being trained at the police academy, absolute stinking dustpot. If I ever have kids I'm going to tell them to always alienate their family to preemptively ban family holidays in my household. I declare them makhrou and that's that! even imam ussama was talking about how we should make these next two weeks islamic family time last friday, bruh I wanted to castrate the bloke with his authoritarian personality then and there. absolute rage. no brother! now is the time to belt everyone out of the park. he can't say celebrate xmas because last year this time he gave an extremely tedious long winded speech about how acknowledging the holidays of kufr was assimilation so now he has to skirt around that ill advised pronouncement by making xmas islamic.

Unbelieveable scenes, truly religion unites the economic institution of the family. I'm less assimilated than brother Ussama now because I ban all family holidays, even secular ones.

Wow, I win, mission accomplished.

before I was rudely interrupted, ladies and gentlemen, this is the moment we have all been waiting for. The ayatollah Reynolds will finally transcend the contradiction between father figure and revolutionary family abolitionist mavric and unite all his contradictions into a grand overarching synthesis. As we all know certain wars had to be waged in the 90s. Now we have been victorious, it is finally time to unveil...

Bliss-blog-with-the-big-knob's top ambient techno/chill out/idm/jazzy proggy synthesiser epic bollocks albums of all time. Here we enter the realm of the most judicious curatorialism of all time. the criteria will be very stringent, as we all know bliss has no time for musical superficiality in electronic music, yet he must have wacked a mole to a few Joe Zawinal-soundalike solos.. Will we finally find out the FSOL album he dare not admit to have enjoyed? Or an obscure purist anti-hippy ambient effort from Harold Budd buried in his hippy discography.

only one rule: must not be blissed out rock like my bloody valentine. this is strictly synthesised bliss, and hence by nature a bit artificial and perhaps cheap.

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