Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 10


my wife actually has to get up and leave the room when those types of scenes happen, so cringy that she literally can't watch it. then she comes back into the room :30 later and asks what happened. a visceral response.
I understand this totally. I sometimes find it easier to re-watch it than the first time around cos you are ready and you know exactly how bad it is going to get.
For me, I like the ones where they really identify a social dilemma and you can actually see both sides of it and understand how people could hold either opinion. To me that's more interesting than when there is someone just utterly unreasonable, or when Larry says something that is aggressively insensitive beyond the point of belief. For example, phoning after the cut-off, I can get both views. And often on those ones I find myself agreeing with Larry, I actually wish he came out on top more when he's in the right rather than - as normal - being punished for it.
Obviously Leon is an amazing character, I love how they took something fantastic and added a character who wouldn't necessarily have fitted in and yet made it better. I wish he was a little bit more present in series 10... "mopey dick"....


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Leon's bit about 1940's women is wonderful.

Saying Boo-boo-pe-doo signifying a readiness for sex.


I love it when he does those kinda over-excited rants where he's barely forming the words properly and it takes a few seconds for what he's actually said to sink in.