Who loves ya, baby?
Anyone have any strong opinions either way? I'm not entirely sold on her as a performer as her dancing's sometimes a bit awkward, but there's just tune after tune after tune.

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Who loves ya, baby?
I'm torn, remember her as a sexy NY club kid dancing with the post-punk/new wave hipsters at danceteria

Apparently she stepped in and stopped her label suing Sonic Youth when they covered Into the Groove back in the day. Always thought that was cool. There's a good pic of her and the Beasties on stage with water pistols too.

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Never used to give a shit as a kid, but then Sprinkles came along and I pretty much adopted her view on M as a soulless appropriator. But every now and then a tune will come on spotify and I'll find my feet tapping. But it's the production that gets me. Would love an album of those 80s instrumentals which were somewhere between house and boogie. On the other hand, I'd say if anyone in the pop world is likely to be working on behalf of beelzebub, it's got to be her.


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Satanic person, but that run of early singles is mesmerising and definitive of the mid 80s. She knew exactly who to work with and exactly who to rip off. That's a talent in itself.

But going from 'Angel' or 'Lucky Star'

to this all-time low (for humanity)

is existentially depressing.