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its clever how they work. the worms produce an mucus in your bumhole while they lay eggs that makes it itch. the do this at night, when you're asleep and don't realise you're itching. you scratch, collect eggs under your nails and then ingest them the next time you eat.


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Who would have thought it would be tape worms and not dancehall delights that get droid back at the coal face


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so did you have that picture on tap in your mind? how does that work? did you see my post and then google "lovecraft ass"? what's your process.

this is like inside the actors studio.

It was tweeted a few years ago by a guy on Twitter called Gaddis' Ghost Coat who posts stupid stuff about writers and it made an impression. You saying that made me think of it, so I searched Gaddis' Ghost Coat Lovecraft on Twitter and found it again.


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I was going to post a tune I found that sampled the original line from Aliens and which starts out sounding like it might be a cool darkside jungle thing, but it turned out to be that really bad sort of American "dubstep" that's really nu-metal in disguise.


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there is a very distinctive vein of 4chan content like this

The computer game as something more than metaphor. Reality as simulation. All that kind of thing.

what i like about it is how it exemplifies of the main "creative" tendencies of 4chan: constructing a sort of mythology out of internet detritus. most people would see that image, go "oh that's ugly/boring" and never think about it again. but this person recognized its faintly unsettling quality and turned it into a really obscure vision of hell/purgatory--one that resonates psychologically even though i never would have consciously thought of it on my own. and obviously, to your point luka about influencing reality, the characters 4chan creates seem to resonate massively with people, even getting spread and elaborated upon by tons of people on twitter and tumblr who (correctly, ofc) revile 4chan otherwise.

one of my favorites (without any really bad connotations as far as i know) is gondola.