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Pulling veils of Muslim women. Vandalising a polish delicatessen. Yelling “Britain first” in the street. It’s going to be brilliant.


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I saw a picture of three people with union jacks etc trampling an EU flag earlier. I didn't want to leave and still don't, but I didn't think I'd find leaving as sad as I currently do.


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I was in weatherspoons with a couple of black mates the other day (a glaring error on my part) and this bloke came in all covered in English flags and at that moment on the tv there was the eu parliament songin saying goodbye to us and it felt like crossing a threshold. They’ve got their country back.

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In the spirit of proletarian internationalism I am into a Chilean wine and reading an Italian novel.


I took it as an omen that the first thing I read today was about there being two confirmed cases of the virus in the UK. I hope that it turns into a lethal epidemic and only a concerted EU effort saves mainland Europe with British civilisation6 sadly collapsing (even further) after the virus takes hold. If you lot are collateral damage then I'll be sorry although I imagine most of you managing to get inside the John Eden Project which will be a kind of sealed mini-town - like in 28 Days Later or The Bad Batch or something - where you manage to eke out some kind of existence eating only turnips and talking about tech house.

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Saw a photo on Twitter earlier of some guy burning the EU flag like you see people in Iran doing with American and Israeli flags. Should've saved it to post here. Ah well.


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On the plus side, many of those who voted leave will succumb during February's inevitable snowstorm.