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Trump said stealth bombers are literally invisible and that wind turbines cause cancer.

I'm not going to defend Biden's obviously silly claim, but it's fair to say he's got a lot of catching up to do.
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restaurants in New York (and I imagine, London) run on thin margins, challenging to be profitable in normal times when they pack people in. now they were closed for months, then opened for outdoor seating/takeout only, and eventually 25% capacity indoors. all the outdoor service goes away in a month or two (it's already chilly at night). wouldn't surprise me if half or more places here give up and throw in the towel by December.


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Aye apologies Leo that was directed at the Lord of Misrule.

Have a sister and brother who cook for a living, both abroad currently and both scratching their heads about chucking it in and retraining. They're talking early 2023 before confidence returns. The numbers for every job app are indescribably high, which could reverse the industry's fate if there was a way to supervise outdoor eating (heating etc), but i've been along the east coast during winter. That season doesn't fuck around.


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I thought MB was responding to my comment, no worries.

yeah, even when there's a vaccine and restaurants reopen, lots of people are still going to hesitate doing indoor dining like the old days.

also on the block: hotels.

and all the tourist dollars pouring into local businesses that usually come with them