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All the teachers I know seem conditioned into being extremely cautious around this stuff, don't film the kids without consent etc


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From what I've seen, the new NHS app seems to do most of the stuff that everyone said the first one should have done - use the Apple / Google APIs, use a decentralised model, publish the source code for analysis. Fair enough if you're generally anti-smartphone, but at this stage, the ongoing vOte lEavE sPywArE routine is starting to look increasingly like antivax for FBPEs.


Amnesty weigh in on the decisions which actually had a bearing on Covid deaths:
  • Care home residents with suspected Covid-19 were 'outright refused' hospital treatment and died in distress from the virus without appropriate medical care – despite local hospitals having 'hundreds' of empty beds;
  • Health chiefs instructed GPs to pressure care home staff to put blanket 'do not resuscitate' orders on all residents without discussion. Instructions were often given verbally rather than written – leaving no paper trail;
  • One manager who tried to get a severely unwell resident into hospital in March was told: 'He's at the end of his life anyway, so we're not going to send an ambulance';
  • Care bosses have continued lockdowns – banning families from visiting loved ones, causing further distress and death – because they feared not following 'excessive' Government guidance would lead to them being sued or stripped of their licence to operate;
  • Despite repeated appeals, the Government and public bodies have withheld crucial data about the spread of Covid-19 in care homes and refused to reveal how many key decisions came to be made.

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Rumors spread on Monday morning that the UK National Health Service’s Test and Trace team, an outsourced service created in May to track and help prevent COVID-19 in the country, bungled their reported figures due to an easily avoided Excel mishap. The story was later confirmed by the BBC.

Team members used an old Microsoft Excel file format known as XLS to track tens of thousands of COVID-19 cases in the country.

The XLS file format — which was created over 30 years ago and was superseded in 2007 — can only handle about 65,000 rows of data. Other formats are capable of well over a million.

That means 15,841 confirmed COVID-19 cases were unaccounted for between September 25 and October 2, according to the BBC. That’s about eight days of incomplete data.

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Their solution, of course, has been to update to a more modern version of Excel, with a row limit of one million. Rather than to use a programme that's actually intended for use with databases.


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Everything seems to be going to plan, I have complete trust in the current administration as should you all.
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It's really interesting if it's a fraud because it means all the governments of the world are in cahoots. Or it's very hard to see how it would work otherwise. You'd also expect to see more whistleblowing from the Scientific and medical establishments.

My feeling is anybody sentient will find their mind drifting very naturally towards alternative scenarios... For example it feels to me like it's a plot to get us all back down the salt mines. All privileges revoked.

But I'm not committed that position. It just comes up when I scan the possibilities