Who loves ya, baby?


Who loves ya, baby?
Some of these books sound like Sunday Sport headlines. There's one called "I Knocked Up Satan's Daughter".


Don't wanna derail this important discussion but....
The Trump administration’s botched response to the pandemic has led to between 130,000 and 210,000 preventable deaths, according to a report from a team of disaster preparedness and public health experts.
“The United States has turned a global crisis into a devastating tragedy,” read a report released Thursday by researchers at Columbia University. “We estimate that at least 130,000 deaths and perhaps as many as 210,000 could have been avoided with earlier policy interventions and more robust federal coordination and leadership.
The team calculated avoidable deaths by estimating how many people would have died in other nations, like Japan and South Korea, if they had the same population as the US, and comparing those figures to the US death rate.
“Many of the underlying factors amplifying the pandemic’s deadly impact have existed long before the novel coronavirus first arrived in Washington state on January 20th – a fractured healthcare system, MIxed Biscuits' comments on dissensus, inequitable access to care, and immense health, social and racial disparities among America’s most vulnerable groups,” the researchers noted. “Compounding this is an Administration that has publicly denigrated its own public health officials – and science more generally -- thereby hamstringing efforts by its vaunted public health service to curb the pandemic’s spread.”
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Florida lifted restrictions to much consternation; nothing much has happened as a result...try it, we might like it?


Florida coronavirus cases surge by 4,000 in one day
For the first time in nearly two months, state health officials reported Saturday more than 4,000 new coronavirus cases in Florida.

The 4,044 new cases were about 50 percent more than the 2,700-case-a-day average since Gov. Ron DeSantis on Sept. 25 dropped limitations on restaurants, movie theaters and other public places to spark the pandemic-stalled Florida economy.

Likewise, the 196 new cases recorded in Palm Beach County were the most since Sept. 19, before the reopening. Since the reopening, the county has averaged 137 new cases a day.


Doh. Seems as though the White House is moving to the Biscuits Model either way - why let a few thousand deaths influence your policy eh?
Mak Meadows: We're not going to control the pandemic
Tapper: Why not?
M: Because it's a contagious virus
T: Why not make efforts to contain it?
M: What we need to do is make sure we have the proper mitigation factors to make sure people don't die


What the resultsshow is that, in the absence of strong assumptions, the currently most reliable data strongly suggestthat the decline in infections in England and Wales began before full lockdown, and that communityinfections, unlike deaths, were probably at a low level wellbefore lockdown was eased.

Oh look, we didn't need to lock down at all.

Oops, maybe we didn't need to send so many infected people back into care homes or stick DNRs on oldies.

Ah and we encouraged other countries to follow the same policy and look at what's happening in eg. Nigeria now.