Tricky vs. Goldie

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the choakhold strangles. that's the whole point. deconstructing would mean it leaves room and time for interpretation. you can't interpret someone who is strangling you!

In Thug, the voice is merely phatic not lyrical. whereas tricky attempts to achieve an avant-garde lyricism, but ends up resorting to traditionalism, albeit in a post-punk mould.

Tricky is Joy Division and the Fall. Young Thug is closer to D.A.F and Farley Jackmaster funk.

However Farley still far excels Thug as he wasn't forced to appeal to the emo commentariat.


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Asked my mate about this. He says:

"Tricky is probably better than Goldie but different animals so hard to compare IMHO."

Which I would agree with wholeheartedly