Speaker stands?


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Dull technical question, but can anyone make recommendations on speaker stands for some monitors, weighing about 7kg? I've got tired of reading online and every single time someone raising doubts about the quality of the stands...there must be some that are relatively inexpensive and do this relatively straightforward job.

Looking on the internet for anything vaguely technical is a nightmare of choice these days. Choice is a horror, which might make a good thread.
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Darned cockwombles.
it's quite frankly a disgrace that the forum is clogged up with kate bush marriage fantasies to the exclusion of good practical advice




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baboon2004, you don't really need anything fancy. Just go on studiospares or the gumtree and find something semi decent looking. The audiophile shit is useless unless you're in some laboratory grade studio.


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not sure if I have these exact ones but if not then very similar. about $50 for the pair, solid and sit on little spike feet. needed them because I didn't have bookshelves in the right locations in my living room.

I might be ready to get a new pair of speakers, I know smaller bookshelf speakers are greatly improved since I bought mine. anyone have any recommendations? not looking to spend a ton but willing to invest in something that's worth it. not into the fancy home stereo set up, though.