The Coming Authoritarianism.


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One of my brothers' mates works for some tech company. One of those that take their employees paintballing, have a ping pong table etc. They have a company app to record their activities and they get stuff like coffee and cinema tickets when they register a certain amount of exercise.


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they really think theyre slick. this is a bad joke. i didn't get through to the reset bit. only as far as "greta thornberg what a joke".

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The last five minutes of this lecture describes Rong Chang province in China, which has implemented an extensive and intensive social credit system. Worth watching.


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So much of a techgnostic meta-ideology would involve attempting to probe up into the higher order phenomena, much like a periscope probing upon into the higher stratum, the qualitatively distinct stratum.

The higher order phenomena would in this case be a sort of polypsychic system, an emergent system that takes abstract roots in human minds, and territorializes/corporates itself by way of our techne.

Flows are regulated, energies optimized, etc, such that this higher order phenomenon becomes better and better at securing its own roots and hastening its own development, two ontological impeti that seem to apply to almost every order of physical organization.

But again, that is still just our map. I'm not saying this physical organizations are consciously capitalistic, just that their operations are very much aligned, functionally, with what seems to be the essential functions of capitalism, most generally.

So if we can manage to calibrate a gnosis to these kinds of operations - the tendency for a physical system to insure/secure the lower-order physical processes upon which it is dependent, and the tendency for a physical system to stochastically determine and optimize the process by which it gives rise to higher order systems - we may be able to better preserve the human into the almost undeniably tech-heavy future.

Either some kind of initiative as such, or a resignation to being indefinitely psychologically/libidinally exploited.