Obscured Epics


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oh yeah it is. yeah, one from the cologne boys that is totally unknown, jammin unit, walker, gizz tv etc.

No returning to 'club music' after this, (which is conservative and ruling class conformist) but only dance music, which is eternal and (always mathematically revolutionary so long as humans exist.) holy grale of grunge acid. better than hardfloor and then some.



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this doesn't really count as an obscured epic because it was big on the pirates at the time

but it never comes up in discussions these days (nor does its creator) so you might say it's become obscured

this was an immense tune for me, the drums on this

but (like everybody else) i forget about it - haven't played it in years


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often these things are slung out, or sneaked out, on B-sides, or track four of an EP - or on multi-artist releases - as with Reinforced's rough equivalent to the 2 in 1 series, Enforcers

i always thought that track could have become a genre in its own right, and again points to a much lusher and more eerie jazzual direction out of jungle, a path not taken (the songbird is Flora Purim from some Chick Corea album i think)


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The final song released by Queen in their Freddie phase was 13, known by fans as Ascension as, in its 23 minutes, it documents Mercurys ascension to Heaven

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