The creativity of dissent and protest


Wild Horses
Just finished and enjoyed this article on the the use of chants by the protesters in Lebanon. It contains some links through to Youtube footage of the chants in situ which are pretty joyful to witness. There doesn't seem to be a thread on these protests so far. and I don't really have much of a knowledge base re. the country so I thought it might be interesting to have a thread documenting and discussing the acts of creativity that emerge from social current - any protests, anywhere We often fall into the trap of discussing these events as geopolitics and I think you lose something then, namely a felt link to how protests are an expression of a culture and a response to social conditions. Thoughts more than welcome.


Chants included:

"Whose planet? Our planet!"

"This is what democracy looks like!" (as the cops dismantled lockons)

"We Love You, We Love You!" (as the cops dragged them away)