those damn kids (black people) and their car stereos


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While residential noise pollution in the 1980s was largely limited to barking dogs, airplanes, parties, and fireworks, the late 1990s and the emergence of hip hop and rap music brought a rapid escalation in the use of car stereos, many outfitted with powerful subwoofers that drive through walls hundreds of feet away. Furthermore, they are driven through residential neighborhoods at all hours.

Authorities have become concerned about loud car stereos for several reasons: they annoy some people, set off car alarms; and inhibit drivers' ability to hear emergency signals on the road. It is also widely reported that car stereos serve as a beacon for drug sales.


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it's not just black people... at least not round these parts...

and the bass sounds fine if you are in the car- if you are outside, it's just a teeth-rattling rumble. i live one block from an intersection where the cars are known to go "boom"- makes my windows rattle while they idle at the light. not a pleasant sensation, as much as i like bass.


this is bullshit in alot of ways cos the bass from lorrys, trains and buses is far harsher and window rattling, from my experience of living in a house on a road just off the north circular.

there was one guy who used to drive past at night and just have natural mystic by bob marley playing, always that tune, it was like a ghost car or something.

when i worked at a publishers, the south african security guard was the builder of the heaviest car stereo in the world with his mate, won a competition
he liked wack heavy metal though.

here are some pages about that sorta thing


This was a feature of my youth and was one of the ways I would track what was happening but it's something that for one reason or another completely disappeared. I live on the busiest road in south London and never ever hear a car stereo