Worst songs you've ever heard?


Who loves ya, baby?
I've been watching vids of druggy Australians recently. Australian barty at 0:42.

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Yeah well that's rubbish. Pingers sound brilliant. Caps sound boring. I don't want to do a cap that's not exciting


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This is worse than Imagine, because at least when Imagine starts you know it'll be over again in three minutes or so, whereas with American Pie you're in for upwards of EIGHT AND A HALF FUCKING MINUTES of self-important circumlocution and tedious genuflection before the authorized rock n roll canon. Apparently Don McLean has said that the lyrics are "beyond analysis. They're poetry." No they aren't, they're a load of clunking riddle-me-this shite you absolute fucking weapon.
your analysis is sound except on one crucial point: American Pie is not worse than Imagine


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should have been at the top of the thread
absolutely the worst song ever written no contest
the ultimate in vacuous platitudes of the ultra-rich
and the tune is dreadful as well
they always play this in Times Square on new year's eve as the final song right before they start the countdown from 10 and ball drop. everyone who's been packed into the freezing area for 10+ hours without a pee break all solemn and swaying back and forth always make me think about how they can't wait for this dumbass song and event to be over so they can run off between some parked cars a block away and take a wicked piss.

then the ball drops, the confetti falls from the sky and Jersey boy Sinatra's "New York New York" starts blaring, ushering in the new year and kicking fucking "imagine" to the curb where it belongs.


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Beautiful, inspirational song. A beacon of optimism in a dark time.

I was baffled at the time, but to this day I don't know how this got beyond the demo stage:

Allan Ford
3 years ago
What a song, the 90s was my time. Growing up when people talked and had conversations there was no internet or social media and mobile phones weren't that important. TV was great back then as well. Now I've just turned 27 and life gets worse with each passing year.

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2 years ago (edited)
Warm summer days, perfectly blue skies, playing games we made up ourselves, riding our bikes, chalk drawings on the pavement, water fights, building dens, sleepovers, going to the store to buy ice cream, Nintendo 64, sonic the hedgehog, power rangers, rollercoasters, camping out in the back garden, no internet, no smartphones, no desire for such things. Perfect.
Till This Day
1 year ago
I was 16 at the time this was released and whilst I wasn't a huge fan of them at the time, when listening to this in 2019, it does bring back a rush of emotion as it takes me back to that time where I'd just left school in the summer, had started a part time job, had enrolled into college and was excited/had anticipation/optimism over what the future held for me. This song was on the radio on a daily basis.

16-25 are the magical years. It's where you're finding yourself and have genuine optimism over what lies ahead. This starts to fade as you approach your 30's where you become more and more skeptical and start seeing the world for the pile of crap it is. I wish I could see the world through the eyes of a 16 year old again, with that optimism and excitement but this can never happen.
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call me big papa
I love that tender evocation of simpler times followed by something like "AND THEN YOU REALISE THE WORLD IS A PILE OF SHIT"


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You often need the wider cultural context. What any given move meant at the time, what the state of play was etc


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Although enough trolling this song is manifestly offensive and his voice is the repellant noise ever recorded