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yet, according to that log, I've not replied to any of his posts and he's not replied to any of mine. not a dialogue. parallel universes.


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this is brilliant!

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what are points? how do i get more point? i cant stand having the same number of points as other people. i want the most points.


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You'll have to get sufi or woebot to change the settings so you get more points. You could probably do it yourself tbh cos you are in charge now


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im going to try and get the full house in under one week. i want to be the best. like when Ali said if he werent the best boxer hed be the best binman.


I'm pleased to see that almost everyone who has chosen a picture has gone for the manly combination of black and grey.
I removed mine because it was too pixelated but now I want a new one. I might do the nude self-portrait that Luka has been begging for.
It's called 'class'. I dunno about the hatched background though, and you have to pay for it. I really like this new setup now by the way, notifications, scrolling through threads with memory in text field, brilliant on mobile.


in je ogen waait de wind
how do i post a picture from my telephone it keeps saying the file is too large. i want to show my microwave.