how do i post a picture from my telephone it keeps saying the file is too large. i want to show my microwave.
seems like 1mb is the limit - that limit might be changeable but actually 1mb images are extravagantly large for the web (droid will back me up on this)


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give us some examples please?
There's a post of mine from back in probably 2018 with the word hollow in it. Might have been about protests. The thread had a bunch of stuff in it relevant to now but I can't remember much else about it


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I installed the theme that Shiels suggested late last night, because a generous benefactor dropped $50 on us!
You should be able to check out the new theme "class" using the options below


same for me. for example, when i try searching for "Bowie" in this thread it says no results found, even though the word appears multiple times on this page.
Thanks for this example
I just "re-indexed search" (whatever that means), and there are now 3 results for Bowie in that thread :)
I hope that Patty/Hollow and Baldwin searches might be more productive now too?


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Anyone else intrigued by how the colours are assigned to particular letters at the start of usernames if you don't have an avatar?


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One thing I was gonna suggest @sufi is that hyperlinks are coloured a bit better in the new dissensus theme. Cos at the moment they are grey but hard to distinguish really. I would prefer them to be blue or something, but dunno if others have an opinion


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I wasn't sure about this at first, but it loads faster and the spirit has not been perturbed. Nice work.


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yeah, agreed. I didn't dig it on first impression but got used to it quickly and now it just seems normal.