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has anyone else had an issue of clicking on a page and having it just be blank? happened to me a few times today. for example, right now I can't access the most recent page of the Wuhan Killer Sneeze thread.


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Ive got it now with that same page, i tried clearing my history but still doesnt work. You can see the page not logged in tho... dunno what it is. Other pages fine


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Top marks to Sufi for sorting the technicals on this. Arguing with web host is not a good way to spend your weekend and Matt too for the behind the scenes business and support.

I think this is a good signal to hasten the migration and move to a more economical hosting environment. Maybe once we've narrowed things down we can come up with some options and different skins and then put it to a poll or something?

WRT the Wuhan thread. it seems OK up until page 160 and then it goes blank. I reckon some tables got dropped in the migration? i think its the longest thread on dissensus.


yeah i checked that thread straight away when i saw droid's post - looks like it's ok i think?
much more crucial archive that the wuhan thread