so much better on mobile, nice one Sufi! Chuck up Payment details when you’re ready. Agree it doesn’t feel bleak enough for dissensus. Maybe we can do a poll and vote on a theme


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It looks less serious, doesn't it? There was something impressively spartan and dreary about the old look.

I'm sure we'll all get used to this though. 🤷‍♂️ (Sorry.)
it looks like facebook, the like button is even identical. we even had a discussion about this aesthetic a while back, that everything is starting to look like the female breast. round and smooth.


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Certain mythopoeic qualities alway get lost when you modernize. The way the likes looked had certain feel to it which is hard to replicate. Not because they were brilliantly designed, but because of what has been invested in it over the years.


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Amazing work Sufi. Happy to take a look at theme files or CSS if you wanna let me in the back door.


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wow, thanks Sufi. personally, I prefer a more compact format, this is so spread out, wonder if it will effect conversation.

Luka's head will explode when he comes back!


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Something I should have flagged prior to the move - youtube links... the old embed code doesn't work, and youtube URLs now show up as links instead of being embedded automatically.


I think it just feels strange at first but in two days or whatever it will feel as though things have always been this way (we've always been at war with Eurasia).
I tried to load up a pic to represent me but it said the file was too large - why so?


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i don't like it but yeh that's personal i think.
yeah same. i mean i visit other forums like this, for me it's not just a matter of familiarity.

obviously i really appreciate it as a successful effort to make the site work tho sufi. thanks m8


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Anyone who's not into it, you can switch to the 'default' theme if you click 'Dissensus' in the bottom left corner. It's a bit more structured and angular.