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Looks swish!

One thing - you can only go previous or next page, not so easy to go to the middle page of a long thread?

Edit: Oh wait, i've figured it out, never mind...
I have the forum saved as a shortcut on my phones home screen now, like an app icon, easy access, slick. Interesting to think about how the design and functionality will change teh discourse. If it all gets easy and round and welcoming like a breast to an infant will the posts start getting half arsed? Should we not be making the place look barren and unforgiving? So we feel we have to turn up fighting


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It's much easier to post gifs and pictures now. Also you don't have to piss about resizing avatars to 80x80 in order to use them.


Who loves ya, baby?
Also I think the new software's highlighting every section as having new posts even if you've already checked any actual new posts because we haven't viewed the old threads on it, so if you click 'mark forums read' at the top they'll all be greyed out then highlighted whenever new stuff's actually been posted.
It cheapens things. YouTube links and the occasional picture, fine. But emojis and gifs disrupt the flow, it’s an aesthetic thing And its about pace and mood and originality. Gifs are template craic and they add absolute nothing. They’re never funny. Please no GIFs. Thanks
Good. I like you a lot and wouldn’t want this to come between us.

I can’t be alone in thinking the likes of GIFs and emoticons can fuck things up. If we can’t ban them we’ll just have to have a strict regime of shaming and bullying


Who loves ya, baby?
I definitely don't want to see us devolve into some Twitter-esque string of reaction gifs and nothing else.


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also, looks like we can't "like" our own posts anymore? now how am i supposed to let myself know that i've said something brilliant?