Writing as drawing


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lukas /\ and ))))❤((((. (I'll try to find the precise bits in future posts below)

HSGovt requesting an e acute.

Hieroglyphics and rebuses. Pictography. Comics

and Bolanos drawing poetry in savage detectives. (Again, will find the scans).

The paper rad guys, fort thunder people, brian chipp, ben jones, mat brinkman talked about making their drawing into writing and visa versa (again, I've got the refs somewhere, I'll add em in below)

What else? Breaking outside the letters, into marks.

Emphasis by way of bolding and italics.

The twxt, when it becomes a picture, becomes more fixed, is simplified, more defined and clear.

Certain things have transferred into computing: markup and coding. Eg <strong> <p>

Emoticons and emojis. Animated now. What does it point to?

That letters are not enough, they are limited, out of date.

A scientist friend of mine, currently working on AI, tells me text is too complex to parse. A page of fiction, a scientific paper, a religious screed, from 2 metres away, they all appear the same.

The future needs pictures not words?


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Proust has hit upon something I've mentioned before, not to say he necessarily plagiarised me, but that the steeple is two hands met in prayer.

This is a symbol of duality and unity, the two forces equal and balanced in energised opposition. /\ like so.
Again a Masonic, engineering principle as well as a spiritual cosmic principle.


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And Luka, earlier in the same thread (dematerialisation, obvs):

my famous book, VEGETABLE EMPIRE, describes the waves of convergence and divergence, porosity and impermeability, 0 and 1, horizontal and vertical.
https://archive.org/details/vegemp (audio book version)

you can see it at work in scenes, where eventually different tendencies formalise themselves and split off, you can see it with protestant church splitting from Rome and then fracturing into a thousand pieces, you can see it with politics (peoples front of judea etc)

imagine a repeat of the acid house summer of love :) with stabbing gangs standing in for football hooligans. love ya mate yeah love ya mate. ))))))):love:(((((((

t.s eliot's The Wasteland is divergence and separation. "I can connect nothing with nothing."

Vegetable Empire is the cure. (rustic rites of regeneration) the reentry of magic into the circuit. everything connects. and history starts moving again.


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i love this kind of stuff and shortly got into this writing system called ersu shaba script but kinda lost interest over time. anyway, have a look at it. it's wonderful. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ersu_Shaba_script




The ninth day of the first lunar month, a dog day, will be a fire day. In the morning there will be fog under the earth. Before sunrise, clouds will appear in the sky. A tsʰintʃʰ? sword and a npʰ?p? will appear afterwards. This means that the morning will be a good morning. After midday, two stars will die, only one of the three will still be shining and the sun will be in an abnormal condition. One can surmise that there is a deity under the earth; it is better not to move earth that day. (Sun 2009:173)

Explanation. (The reading is not in any particular order; the explanation will start with the glyph in the center and then go clockwise.)

In the center of the diagram is a dog's head, meaning it is a 'dog day'. The dog's body is red, meaning it's also a fire day. The combination means the ninth day of the first lunar month. At the bottom left is fog, meaning the morning will be foggy; if the fog were on the right, it would be in the evening. Above that is a red ts? jug with a handle (#27 in the table above); ts? jugs are used for alcohol, and the auspicious red color means that the drinking will be good on that day, meaning the day itself will be comparatively good. At the top left are three stars (22 above), two black and one white; a black star is dim, a white star shining. [Meaning unclear.] At top right is the Sun (18 above) crossed out in chains, meaning it will be hindered and the weather will not be good. The npʰ?p? (a religious implement) and the ritual tsʰintʃʰ? knife, which can overcome negative forces, indicate that positive and negative forces will balance.

The Ersu text speaks of a 'white moon', meaning the first half of the month (a black moon is the second half of the month), but it is not clear how this is indicated. The earth deity is not directly mentioned, and must be inferred (Sun p 178).


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They had a big retrospective of his at the Whitworth in Manchester recently and they had this weird thing you walk into where its all these mechanical contraptions, self playing pianos and stuff, with projections on the walls, chairs dotted about and you sit down. Very hectic, but yeah, operatic. But I loved all his notebooks where he's drawn over old encyclopedias and stuff. Interesting polymath guy


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In the original post, it's

: fire :: fire :: fire :

But I've had to space out the colons otherwise it finds the emojis