Summer of Illegal Raves Expected


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Yeah sounds pretty standard acid techno. I bet there are some good pass me the spliff conspiracy theories doing the rounds. Good blink and youll miss it shot of a cock drawn into the dirt of someones back window


is not like other people
Mark leckey would be into that

i went to this it was crap, although i've heard we went when it was out of order or something like that, but stood there for 15 minutes and nothing much happened it was crap, and the "reproduction" of the motorway bridge was crap too, just stuck in the corner against the ceiling tiles, immersive it was not. fiorucci made me hardcore is much better


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Dont think ive been to an actual exhibition of his, but i like fiorucci. I watched fiorucci the other night for about the 5th time.

Keep meaning to watch ‘dream english kid’ but havent done so yet.

I like the general idea of motorway bridges being powerful like stone circles though, i think thats what hes getting at with the installation.

Did you watch the video, what do you think of the song? I cant tell if its good or ridiculous.