Deeper Into Movies with guest curator Black Glove (right now Friday evening until midnight)


There's this guy I know called Vadim Kosmos - I've never been able to get his real name out of him - who used to work in that comic shop with a Batman thing outside it in the west end, then he was managing that weird place called The Last Tuesday Society in Hackney. Anyway, he has very serious knowledge of French, Italian and other European film, music, comics... and other culture, from the 50s I guess. He's doing this thing where he's been asked to do some programming for some internet channel called Paradise TV.
I think he's just cut together a huge montage of (fairly long) clips - sometimes notable for their imagery, other times for what they might say about pop culture etc I haven't seen it yet but knowing what I know about this guy there is bound to be some cool stuff in there at points. Late notice I know (he just messaged me) but I think it will be on again later and I can find out and tell anyone who is interested.

Friday 8pm
This weekend our channel is in the hands of BLACK GLOVE
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