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So who's actually been surfing? Is Craner really a surfer? catalog's reluctantly having lessons in a couple of weeks. Anyone else?

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I've been a couple times before, once when I was 17, then a couple years ago in lanzarote. I can only really stand a day or so of it cos I'm so shit. Just ordered a wetsuit tho.


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My brother’s a surf freak, 30+years of working chef jobs globally to spend time doing what he loves. Even at home, I can’t imagine going in the sea in January, ice on the shoreline, changing in car park in driving hail, getting mangled by undertows and dragged down by terms I can’t recall.

So far so good, but he got a shocking infection a while back and is all about the Surfers Against Sewage organisation these days. He takes my lot when he can at home (thank you gods) and constantly monitors on-shore breeze forecasts courtesy of

I love the sea, but surfing waves is never going to be a personal endeavour.


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Indirectly. Said bro met a crew from Sheboygan in Morocco who seemed to fit this typology, although the hash seemed as big a draw (coat got) as the wave riding.