LOL Still a Wank Fest

It's psychogeography, not psychotography, which sounds like drivel. Is reality fake? You can only define one in relation to the other, ie: reallity is that which is not illusion or fakery, and vice versa. Psychedelics, "magick," postmodern (sorry, hypermodern) theory... grow the fuck up.

See you in another year pseudo-intellectual wankers. Why don't you talk about something you really care about, like pornhub or dank memes. Stop kidding yourselves.


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She's 18 now.
Here was the offending comment that got me Internet-crucified:
If I had to choose one person to repopulate Earth after, say, well-meaning aliens annihilate humanity, it would come down to her or Millie Bobby Brown. Kind of a toss up. Maybe I'd let them compete Bachelor-style.:cool:
Yeah looking back I should have been locked up for that. By far the most offensive thing I have ever seen on the Internet. Well I'm off to stab someone to death, eat them, grind their bones to dust, stir the dust into some tea and relax and maybe try to finish Season 3 of Ozark.

Nothing about Coviduation? We'll by in VR pods in 10 years and lose reference to reality. I mean c'mon!

padraig (u.s.)

a monkey that will go ape
By far the most offensive thing I have ever seen on the Internet.
no, you're right, everyone should've let your literally winking references to boning prepubescent girls slide

if you want to whine about persecution, why not fuck off to any of the many gross corners of the Internet that ain't bothered by pedophile creepiness

but no, you're still here heaping undeserved pity on yourself.

padraig (u.s.)

a monkey that will go ape
I told @sufi to just ban you and have done with it, but I ain't a mod

anyway not gonna say anything more, just ignore like everyone else

just that the self-pitying victim complex of Internet creeps is almost worse than the creepiness. not quite, but almost.
You should delete this forum. Looks like it causes brain damage leading to impaired reading comprehension skills.

Victim complex???? Dry sarcasm just doesn't translate with you people does it? What happened to Londoners?
Pre-pubescent???? Underrage yeah, but prepubescent? Gross. I WAS TALKING ABOUT A FUTURE HYPOTHETICAL SCENARIO and you all went Internet crazy and again, I'm not upset. LMAO when I should be doing something productive but not "whining." I guess I should put an eyeroll emoji at the end of every sentence I write so you get it :rolleyes:
I wanted to leave after this fly by shitpost but I keep coming back for the laughs. Y'all should be in Portland right now, aimlessly waving signs and placards around.