America is Haunted


Who loves ya, baby?
I think we've got the same issue in the UK, although it perhaps isn't felt quite as intensely as we don't have something like the 'American Dream' hammered into us from an early age.

I used to think the decline was purely down to mismanagement and malice on the part of private interests and the state, but I'm increasingly coming round to the idea we, and the Boomers in particular, lucked out for a while and there's no way back. There's the moral argument against wanting to return to those conditions too as they weren't possible without widespread exploitation, particularly in the "third world", but I don't know how you convince people a) things aren't going back to the way they were and b) to care about the human, animal and environmental cost.
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The more honest slogan would probably be something like, vote for me and Things Will Get Worse Less Quickly