R&B you should know and love


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dip it low - wicked instrumental, video is pornographic @Corpsey
kelly price - ballad, like flight of the conchords
sparkle - same
g.h.e.t. - there's a big difference between this, sparkle, kelly and the visions of heaven


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4Kast - bit better tune, the backing vocal near the end almost makes it, that should have been the whole tune
Usher - more like it, like the drums, the lyrics on these tracks are so literal sometimes
LLoyd - good beat again, comedy voice makes it sound like a kid's song
Ashanti - good hook, slightly too wet for me but i think that will go for a lot of these


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Mariah - ballad
Tamia - good bass boing, getting there
Monifah - gets there, a lot edgier, her voice is cold, the lyrics are generic in the right way
TLC - classic, nothing wrong with this, swings


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Also yes please at the Jazmine Sullivan. "Mascara" is an incredible song, it manages to be full of compassion and empathy for the women it portrays while damning their existence


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Used to and probably still do love this Crazy Cousinz Jazmine Sullivan remix

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Aaliyah - no need for comment
K. Michelle - bit pop idol innit?
Mary J Blige - starting to catch the vibe, I like the ballads more after listening to ten of them that one on its own