Invisible Sounds on East Side Radio


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so hilarious that he just turned into an overweight reality show star, guess it was easier to live in sunny LA than try to write good songs. he also fluctuates between insightful and ridiculous in interviews now, sometimes still tries to be the outrageous anti-establishment Johnny Rotten and then will also knowingly mock his own anti-establishment schtick.


Who loves ya, baby?
He became this flabby, pantomime villain winking at the audience, pulling stupid faces etc. Find him embarrassing these days.


Ha, this must be y'all! Lookin good, though perhaps a little hungover here as well?
Hey, @suspendedreason - how did you get that picture from the Mixcloud page to display here? I seem to be able to do it no problem in the other threads but for some reason whenever I try and upload pics to the "Events, Release..." section it doesn't seem to work. I would like to upload the picture of our guest for the previous one and for future ones going forwards if I can figure it out.