bandz ahoy
1hr 22 minutes in another big one

1hr 42 mins

"This tune's got powers. We used this tune and find Madelaine, trust me...

You see when we played in the last lockdown we told them we use this tune to find Madelaine. Three days after, they find Madelaine.

Trust me, we've seen the future. Don't play with the powers. The ancestors dem!"

1hr 54mins banger

2hr7mins "scottie dee is light years ahead", "show some appreciation in the emojis"
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bandz ahoy
This tune has legitimately made me twice screw up my face in sweet pain and scream 'oooooooweeeeee' at my desk.


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latest from housupa

sef kombo compiles a load of stuff into this playlist, varying styles, all afro


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the people's favourite, scotti dee, on guest mix

sick will def be rollin that one.

This one from Polo was also bangin last year

Though I like to play this stuff like ludicrously pitched up by +15 around 145-149. Not quite jungle tempo but enough to fit in with fast techno and 92 bizniz.

Benny B

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Scoob who done that tune used to MC with him.
I know, I think I've still got a set of them playing grime that you must have shared on here ages ago


its like a lot of modern music in that it has a kind of high definition aspect which becomes the whole justification of the exercise without having any actually pleasurable bits. you hear this all over the place now.
A higher class of muzak