Who loves ya, baby?
"a frame is a distortion. it conceals as much as it reveals. only once you look beyond the frame, escape it's rigid boundaries, will the universe reveal itself to you. the Archivists must know this. it is our most fundamental teaching.

now go, to the proton beam! the galaxy must head your call!"
"as the custodian of the Archive, i am the gatekeeper of a great many secrets, the ramifications of which- were they ever to be discovered- would change the course of the galaxy for millenia to come. and yet i find it hard not to reminisce about the Archive's humble beginnings. flora merchants would travel through my peripheral home constellation playing an outlandish music to entice customers from the local star fleets. indeed, it was to one of these tunes that my deer brother did his first fingering to. little did we know then that we were soon to decide the fate of the universe."