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Well I don't think anyone can appreciate 1% of the ramifications of their actions, physically, but I do believe that the ramifications ultimately tend to be in their favor (even if the payoff is after their death) if they do take responsibility.

Can one take responsibility of their actions while still yielding control to higher forces, forces working through them?


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He wants us to tell him that this is a deterministic universe. There was no universe in which he didn't flush that grotty cat down the toilet. He can't be blamed as he had no choice.


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I forgot I posted this

I was having a drunken "debate" with someone about this last night. I thought I could sneakily deploy the biggest brains in the business to shore up my defence.


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I don't think anyone can help what they do. It's a horrible belief that I can't rid myself of. I'd like to think people decided to be nice or not. But I don't really think if you decide to be nice you ever could have decided otherwise. But the one thing keeping me sane about this issue is that I'm a renowned idiot, too lazy to read and even to think, so there's a good chance I'm wrong. And even if I am right it doesn't really matter.

"Debates" are something I sometimes indulge in when wasted to try and prove I'm clever or something equally as pathetic. I thought it was cocaine that turned me into a pontificating windbag but turns out booze can do the trick just as effectively.