Smartphone addiction


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stan has a naive tendency to equate capitalissm with nature which gets him into conceptual difficulties


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Just delete your socials if you want to. Anyone who actually knows you should be able to get a hold of you if need be, it's just a way of propping up fake relationships


call me big papa
According to the big hack trump's digital campaign manager claimed he deployed 5.9 million Facebook ads compared to Clinton's 66,000.
The twat who runs/ran Cambridge Analytica. He was in Trump HQ on election night.



I am addicted to video games, especially I love playing games on my PS. Because of this, I bought a new big TV. I didn't have a place to put it so I had to buy it. Now it is more convenient for me to play Ps. My friends and I now often spend time at home playing the console and we like it
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