Rudewhy's Bassline Top 100


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do a top 20 bassline thread then rudewhy
Decided to arrange this list in roughly chronological order of the year in which the tracks first appeared on CD packs, although with some of the earlier stuff I’ve gone off the vinyl release date on discogs - bear in mind this is not necessarily the same as the year in which the tracks were originally produced i.e. Bullacake first appeared in sets in 2005 but according to Dexplicit he produced it in 2001.

I’ve also intentionally left out all of the records that are better described as bassline house, both from Sheffield producers such as Big Ang, Jon Buccieri and Naughty Nick, as well as from the Birmingham scene centred around Ecko Records and individuals such as Tom Shorterz and Chris Lorenzo. Whilst there was an overlap between the producers, DJs, club nights and labels of the two scenes, most of the output of this bassline house scene sounds like a poor rehashing of earlier speed garage and organ house records from the 90s, and didn’t really influence the better known producers of the other scene (i.e. DJ Q, T2, Mr Virgo etc.) who predominantly came from UKG and grime backgrounds.

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