My headphones just broke


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the last time i had a massive weed binge (lasted about, i dunno a month maybe) by the time i got out of it i had no hot water and the oven/hob was broken so i couldnt cook and it was snowing. this is when i knew for sure you cant ignore reality or your tools and technology will take revenge
This is me atm. I got locked out of my eBay account, my internet keeps cutting out, the software which alters my screen temperature's gone weird, I've been having to piss about with different kernel updates and the Dissensus update's been a bit of a faff.


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i lost my headphones and the output on my phone, which is the only thing i used them for anyway, is now broken. so i'd need to replace the damn phone. which looks like a dog chewed it at each corner. innards all exposed. if i touch the top left bit where the circuit boards are poking out it sends the screen linto a fit and it have to turn the display off and on again to reset it. moral of the story? get a phone case.