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constant escape

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Figured this nifty little temple would be the best place to voice this. Perhaps part of the problem regarding this concept of the libidinal that I;m trying to express, is that we normatively assume that libido is express socially. Directly or indirectly, but unto a social end. And perhaps I've been assuming that libidinal refers to more than that which is expressed socially.

What about a purely intellectual expression of libido, that is to say one that is not some conscious strategy to bolster one's social capital? Sounds like mathematical genius, in that way.

Or a spiritual expression? Zealots, saints, etc.

So do we think there is a better word to denote this wider-than-social field of expressions than "libido"?

It doesn't feel like I;m doing what I;m doing to get laid, it feel likes people get laid trying to feel what I'm feeling. Whether or not we assume there is unconscious motivation to get laid is effectively moot - I may be, but that still indicates a locus that is aimed beyond the sphere of the social. Or if I;m acting in bad faith or denial, the effect is still beyond the social. Theoretically, if I was doing this to get laid, I would be banking on some exo-social phenomena to achieve it.

Nor do I think libido is necessarily expressed physiologically, but I;ve already expressed this.

constant escape

winter withered, warm
for me one focus is the need to avoid the crash. there are known dangers, rocks to be reefed or broken on and other people, here thrusters which, ideally, mitigate and make micro-adjustments, to an agreed line of flight/escape path, operate in concord, even when in opposition in service to the higher order, ie, dissensus

but in practice these oppositions aren't always possible to resolve by appeal to that higher order. when establishing an direction of travel, a route, a speed etc certain archetypal oppositions arise, tween risk and caution for instance, opposed and irresolvable tensions which destroy the whole project scuppered. on an individual level this perhaps plays out differently with one impulse overcommitted to and leading to ultimate DESTRUCTION! hubris punishment start again from scratch
Underappreciated post, my apologies. heart, heart.


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Libidos fine. I think most people's understanding of the word basically means energy available, for whatever task