Bride and Prejudice


Beast of Burden
Has anyone seen it?

I'm going to because I dig Aishwarya Rai.

I wonder if it's any good, though.


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it looks dreadful olly. i was a fan of bend it like beckham (yeah i was surprised too) but saw the director on tv and she was so nauseous (look at little me from southall being courted by hollywood!!!). it was very "ungraphic" and thats one thing bollywood always is, distinctive looking.


Is this film remotely connected to those Boots adverts for that coolspray thing, with the camel and where the bloke in the office jumps into the swimming pool? Cos the chick on the film posters looks exactly like her.

I thought that after making a big point about how the love of football can transcend cultural barriers and attitudes, the director could have at least SHOWN Parminder Nagra's goal - in a sort of slo-mo sequence like Pele had in 'Escape to Victory', with her tumbling through the air.