Flute Riddims


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Overblowing, I think that's called - unusual rhythmic use of an instrument that doesn't lend itself to that

I am working on a counterfactual story in which Kraftwerk meet the young Giorgio Moroder in the late Sixties, he hears potential in "Ruckzuck" and produces it as a single, makes it more focused and less proggy - it becomes a worldwide novelty hit / dance craze that tops the charts in that very flat, null year 1970. All around the world, kids drop their electric guitars and pick up the flute. In the nascent Roxy Music, Andy Mackay stages a coup and Bryan Ferry is deposed, and Roxy are reborn as a flute / clarinet / oboe all-instrumental supergroup that storms the arenas of the USA with their triple-woodwind frontline....

Simon silverdollarcircle

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The flute is the archetypal grime instrument really isn't it. Lends itself really well to those simple one finger keyboard melodies that nag away at you. Gliding spectral ring tones. Sounds sad and wistful but echoes of martial arts movies obvs.

Bang Diddley

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Proper indian classical flute is possibly my favourite sound ever, but again I can't remember any names.
i got loads, but it might out of the remit of the thread, but happy to post them up, there's is a Indian classical Music thread somewhere.

got to make food for kids back later....

Benny B

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Heres a totally random selection from the one name i remember, but you cant really go wrong with this stuff can you