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Simon silverdollarcircle

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I genuinely thought you were attempting a a revisionist take on lethal bizzle back there @luka where he becomes the third best MC of all time after Wiley and killah priest

I was all for it, and starting to eagerly await a track by track blow by blow reappraisal of his often overlooked 2007 debut "against all odds"


Beast of Burden
Are you mad? He's just necked two bottles of Jamesons! All he's doing now is drooling and hollering and pasting YouTube links.


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My ambition is to drink a bottle of spirits each night till January then become a teetotaller


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the joy of being drunk and having a fat bloke shout SHANGRI LALA at you repeatedly

Arthur Brick

Mortar Life
The videos at the beginning of the thread? No, not at all. They’re so bad I’m still not sure if you like them, or if this is all a joke?
Each to their own eh? Hope you’re not offended.
I preferred your “It’s Greenwich” track.


Best UK drill tunes of 2020 according to me (no particular order, probably forgotten some tracks):

Feel like this is a slightly "anti-Barty" selection, but maybe that's just me. Like, I don't feel they really match this description:


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I've still not listened to any of these. I find drill hard. Thd lyrics are important but inintelligebible without close or loud listening. I have go be in the right mood and have the right focus. The fact that it's not something I hear everywhere I go is an issue. A lot of this music requires that repeated listening in various contexts. You don't get the blare from cars just at the moment. That always helps. It needs to be on everywhere constantly for it to work I think.